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Climate & Weather

Long, warm summers with mild winters provide a host of outdoor activities that enthusiasts   year-round which includes: hiking, cycling, boating, canoeing, fishing, camping and hunting, nature walks and bird watching. January lake tours of the Bald Eagle nesting site are a popular event.

Annual Average Temperature: 56.1o

Average High Temperature: 69.2o

Average Low Temperature: 43.0o

Annual Average Percipitation: 52.1"

Annual Average Snowfall: 3"

Prevailing Winds: Southerly

Mean Length of Freeze-Free Period (days): 180-220

Current Weather Conditions


Partly Cloudy

71 °F
SSE 6 mph

Chance of a Thunderstorm (51 ↔ 79 °F)

Overcast (42 ↔ 62 °F)

Partly Cloudy (44 ↔ 67 °F)

Partly Cloudy (59 ↔ 79 °F)

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