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Artistic Creations

Artistic Creations.... Local Clay County residents who create anything from Pottery, Wood Carvings, unique items.

Must be hand crafted. Let us know and we will put a link to your website and facebook page and feature our community


Ryan Morris Studios
Fine Woodworking and Sculpture   
Celina, TN    270.303.4372 
The beauty of fine art in your home or office. Owned and operated by executive
artisan Robert Marble, Ryan Morris Studios produces one of a kind natural art found
nowhere else on this giant blue orb we live on.

Maple and Walnut stack in BurgundyMuscle Wood Burl in blueSpalted Ash Burl in blue and greenTulip Poplar Burl in green



931-243-2089 - 5088 Baptist Ridge Road, Hilham, TN

Deacon Benches - Checker Boards - Gun Racks - Twirly Birds

brewer checker

brewer gun rack


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